The sponsorship scheme that we are operating for the Grace Children Home is very straightforward. It costs just £25 a month to support each child. This provides food, clothing, health-care and education. Some of this money is also used to pays wages for full-time workers who look after the various needs of the children. Each member of staff has a special responsibility, and a young married couple with young children themselves, are House Parents and live on the premises. For every five children sponsored, another full time member of staff can be employed to be responsible for education, healthcare, meals and other matters related to the running of the Home. It would be irresponsible of us to fill the building with children if we did not have the financial resources to support them all. Unless there is an emergency therefore, our principle is to admit as many children as we have sponsors. To put it simply, the more sponsors we have, the more children we can help.

If you would like to support a child, please write to our secretary and she will send you a sponsor form. Please write to Mrs S M Richardson, 37 Belle Vue Park, Peel, Isle of Man, IM5 1UE. Or use the CONTACT form to get in touch Please send the standing order form to Mrs Richardson rather than to your bank, so that she can open her records. She will send it to your bank.

We can now also accept sponsorship through the PAYPAL subscription service. Go to the DONATE page to set up a subscription.