Relief & Other Works


THE 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami affected the area of Andrah Pradesh badly. Some of the small fishing villages in Andhra Pradesh were devastated, and a team from the Children’s Home began immediately to take food, clothing and medical supplies there on a regular basis. Many people lost not only their houses, but also everything they owned, including the fishing boats, which they need to earn their living. GTWF paid for rice, blankets and clothing until the village managed to get back on its feet.


The charity has been supporting Timothy Babu and his team to help a Leper Colony which is just a few miles away from Grace Children’s Home. This work is now an integral part of the charities work, and money is sent out regularly to buy rice, etc for the Leper Colony. The money can only be sent if it is available, so the charity continues to need support so that we can help these people.