Land & Gardens

The ultimate aim is for GCH to be self-sufficient, but this will obviously take a number of years. At the present time, the crops on the land are flourishing, and there are plenty of fresh vegetables for the curries made in the GCH kitchen. It is situated in the heart of the agricultural community and surplus crops and milk from the water buffalo is sold. The Home Has three water sources, and in addition to the water used for the Home and the land, they are able to sell water to surrounding farmers.

A few years ago, we ran a ‘Buy a Buffalo Scheme’ and there is now a large and healthy herd of buffalo in the Dairy Farm which provides nutritious milk for the children. What was once just a building plot is now an attractive garden, with colourful foliage and beautiful flowers. As you walk in through the main gates, there are the vegetable plots. Here are grown tomatoes, brinjal (a small purple vegetable used in curries), green chillies, and a vegetable called ‘ladies fingers’ (which look something like our runner beans). Further on, and in front of the Home itself, are the shrubs and flowers. The ‘Buffalo Family’ are landmen and ladies) too, and they are responsible for the care of the crops. Large areas of grass have been grown which is sold as turf. At the edge of the paths in front of the Home, are fruit trees and along the boundaries are coconut palms and teak trees which will be sold when mature.


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