The Learning Centre & School


In 2009 a ‘Training Centre’ was opened in one of the larger rooms on the first floor of GCH. The purpose is to teach the older children a means of earning their living. They will ultimately be able to learn tailoring, I.T. mechanics and other skills. All the stores and little shops where material is sold have seamstresses or tailors working for them. A lady can choose material and an outfit can be beautifully made and returned in twenty four hours. Most of the machines are manual.

The Learning Centre

Girls learning to sew

Girls learning to sew


Computer Training

The Learning Centre


In 2010, the work expanded to include a school which is incorporated into the ground floor of the Grace Children’s Home building. The school’s aim is to ‘seek to develop and to bring out the best potential in every child, to train them in good citizenship and to equip them adequately to face the numerous challenges of the future’.

The management is committed to running the school with ‘good discipline and to international standards’. The school is run on Christian principles and seeks to offer pupils irrespective of community, background or creed, a complete education. Pupils are taught computer studies, physical training, general knowledge, environmental education, art and craft, singing, English, maths, science, social studies, Hindi and Telugu.

The school is ‘English Medium’, which basically means that the curriculum is taught in English. All new admissions to Grace Children’s Home will attend the school and be taught English from the outset. ‘King’s Ideal School’ has been registered with the Indian Education Authorities, and meets all the very stringent conditions required by the authorities. It is run by the Principal and a staff of highly qualified teachers.

A good education has to be paid for in India and our Sponsorship Scheme includes school fees for all the GCH children. GCH and the School are separate entities, but it is envisaged that the school will ultimately assist the Home in its ultimate goal of self sufficiency.

Pupils & staff

Our first students

The Classroom

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