Orthopaedic Operations

Most of the operations paid for by the charity have been orthopaedic, involving children who had been affected by polio. Two young girls called Usha and Parvathi had surgery to correct deformities caused by polio and enable them to walk properly. Babu was another victim of polio and had never even been able to stand up. In August 2000 he was admitted to the Apollo Hospitals where he had a series of operations. He had to stay in Chennai for almost a year because he was so badly affected. Now he walks with the aid of just a stick.

Heart Surgery

In February 2002, a young boy called Satish was brought by his anxious father to see if we could help his son. The surgeon had told him that unless he was able to have surgery very soon, he would die. Money was raised, and Satish had major heart surgery which was completely successful. He will be on medication for the rest of his life, and the charity has undertaken to pay for this for as long as necessary. He is now at college studying engineering.

Two other heart operations have been paid for by the charity, and in all these cases it was life-saving surgery. Without the funds raised by GTWF the children may not be alive today.

Other children have been helped in this way, and a physiotherapist was employed to ensure that they had plenty of aftercare.

Raju, Before & After




Babu, After Surgery & Now




Parvathi After Surgery & Now




Pudi After Surgery & Now




Satish After Surgery & Now